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Riskfin Funeral Administration Software - Policy Management

It is software to manage your Funeral policy members. All branches can be setup separately as Groups. The program works out the commission of marketers, with lots of other reports and stats.

Main Features:
1. Group or Branch Management
This feature allows that Funeral parlors can manage there branch members separately but search over all the branches as one system.

2. Member with Dependent management
All Member info can be typed onto the system for use. With all the Dependent and Extended info. Member Policies can be linked for reason if one person come pays for a couple of members the Funeral parlor can only make one payment for the payment to reflect on all member policies.

3. Policy payments with Payment reports
The software handles the payment on a month to month bases with a behind list, so you can cancel all the people that don't pay. You also will be able to see immediately when a person is behind when you enter the Payment screen. The software is User based so you can print the Report for how many money each user have taken, to see if every person working for you have given you the right float.

The receipt will only contain your info and you can set it up yourself.

4. Claims Admin
Claim info can be typed in on the system, where you can print the claim form directly from the system.

5. Invoice feature to manage funerals (Stock Control)
You can put the invoices on the system for your funerals with stock control, you will be able to print a invoice list, stock list and out of stock list. To get the stock in you will be capturing your purchase invoice onto the system, so you will be able to get a report of how many stock was purchased during a period.

6. Debtor and Creditor
You will be able to do funerals where the client pays it off with the debtor feature, and you will be able to link the purchase invoices to a creditor to pay the creditor the right amount on your 30 day account.

7. Marketer commission
You can link each policy to a marketer with printing a Commission report for each month. There is several ways to do commission like monthly %, monthly amount, One Time % and One Time amount

8. SMS or Bulk SMS Feature

The software can send bulk sms right out of the system several ways. ex. All active members, All members behind etc. SMS Feature needs Internet.

9. Multiple Branch Capable
The software can be used as Full online, Semi offline and Completely Offline with File import of members and payments, with semi offline there is a sync with HQ to send the new members and payments through for the period.

Option 1: The software is free if you have your members with Riskfin.

Option 2: You pay a per Member and Extended Fee per Month, Contact Riskfin for a Quote.

Contact us for a demo of the software.

Here is a few screen shots of the program:



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