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Funeral Group Schemes

Funeral Parlours or Societies will be able to cover there members for death, to pay for the funeral.

Groups can join under the Riskfin umbrella getting lots of benefits including, good admin staff, availabilty of Funeral Administration Software, advice on other products and claims that is handled fast.

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General Information

Complaints & Compliance Department

  • Complaints
  • Compliance
  • Product Accreditation

Group Administrators Department

  • Benefits as You Pay
  • How Riskfin Beats Inflation
  • How to Claim
  • Exclusions
  • Further Points to Remember


(Pdf viewer required) - (Prices are dependant on claims ratio, and above price list is only an indication)

Complaints & Compliance Department

Complaints: We have a complaints resolution process and in this regard we will reply to any written complaints, as defined in the FAIS Act. Complaints are to be addressed to: The Complaints Department, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you are dissatisfied with our response to your complaint or our resolution process, you may write to the Ombudsman for Financial Services at: PO Box 74571, Lynnwood Ridge, 0400.

Compliance: If you have questions regarding Riskfin compliance with the applicable legislation you can contact our Compliance Department.

Product Accreditation: The financial adviser is authorized and accredited by all major product providers and Assurance Companies Limited to give advice with regard to the following products:

  • Funeral Plans
  • Disability and Accidental Benefits
  • Life Cover
  • Death Income Benefits
  • Wills
  • Hospital Income Protection Plans / Hospital Expenses Plan
  • Repatriation Benefits
  • HIV / AIDS Counseling and Support Benefits
  • Legal Help Line Benefit
  • Investments
  • Long term Insurance Category A
  • Short term Insurance Personal Lines
  • Short term Insurance Commercial Lines

For more information contact
Garsfontein branch

  • 012 993 1313
  • 012 993 1414

Group Administrators Department

Benefits as You Pay: You will be entitled to all the benefits offered by the selected package for as long as your subscriptions are timelessly paid, ensuring total peace of mind.

How Riskfin Beats Inflation: To ensure that inflation does not reduce the value of your benefits, we recommend that you increase your membership subscription by 10% annually to keep in line with inflation.

How to Claim: In order to claim any of the benefits offered by Riskfin Funeral Administrators, you must:

  • Notify the administrator of your particular claim, in person, by post, fax or e-mail.
  • Support your claim with the documentary proof applicable to the specific claim, i.e.Copy of your certified ID and death certificate.
  • Copy of your application form.
  • Police report for unnatural death
  • Doctor report for stillborn over 28 weeks pregnancy


  • Applicable to Family Funeral Benefit.
  • Suicide during the first 24 (twenty four) months from commencement date.
  • Death within waiting period
  • Monthly premium in arrears

Further Points to Remember

  • Your membership to Riskfin Funeral Administrators will commence after receipt by Riskfin Funeral Administrators of your first membership subscription payment and the administrator has issued your certificate of membership.
  • The rules of Riskfin Funeral Administrators together with all policy contracts issued to them by the insurance underwriters are available for inspection at the head office of the administrator who reserves absolute and final judgment over the interpretation thereof.
  • Premium increases are inevitable as the insurer who underwrites the insurance cover adjusts premiums in accordance to the morality statistics and cost incurred. Premiums will be directly affected should the claims ration of a group exceed 70% of the premiums they pay over to the administrator. Riskfin will adjust the premiums according to a group’s claim ratio. Groups can determine their premiums by managing their claims ratio.

Should you have any queries regarding this service or would like to obtain further information, please contact the Administrators offices.




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