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Another First for Riskfin Digital Systems:

The Riskfin Digital Systems (RDS) Funeral Software is well known in the industry and with its wide footprint across South Africa every undertaker using their product agrees that they would never consider using another product again. The software system empowers the client to manage his own data on a local database system and not somewhere on a vendor’s mainframe. The funeral parlor has full control over his data although with the RDS unique online support system they are able to assist with any number of small technicalities within minutes. 

In addition to their flagship funeral software RDS have recently added the following new products to their stable making them leaders in the industry:

RDS Manager: This product is available for clients with a need for small to large database for clients or employees. The system also have a built in SMS engine. Some features of this product are:

  • Unlimited data storage (Depending on hardware)
  • Multi user
  • Multi Branch
  • Built in Debtors / Creditors
  • Stock control
  • Built in POS (Point of Sales System)
  • Data extraction for various applications like debit orders

RDS Administrator: If you are a funeral parlor administrator, this product is for you. Functionality includes:

  • Management of an unlimited number of funeral parlors as your clients
  • Multi company
  • Multi User
  • Full access control with audit trail
  • Data import and export between clients and your system
  • Many utilities like duplicate ID checking, Real-time ID number validation, etc.
  • Data exports for underwriters
  • Extended rich in functionality Death claims system

RDS Administrator Gold: This product includes all the functionality of the RDS Administrator plus:

  • Debit order management
  • Bank account number verification
  • Full database replication between your main- and  backup servers
  • Linux support for database

RDS SMS Lite: Although the standard RDS products all include SMS functionality this product is now available for clients not using any of them. RDS supply bundled SMS’s at competitive rates and a client can install the SMS program free of charge on any number of machines. Some features are:

  • Send and receive single SMS
  • Send an SMS to many recipients
  • Save and re-load multiple recipient lists

All the RDS products are designed using international acceptable standards like UML and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) using SQL. RDS systems are easy to manage and backups of your data can be done with the press of a button. 
A full working Demonstration system is available for persons wanting to evaluate any of the RDS products.

For more information please contact their office at: 012 993 13 13 or email them today at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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