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Because We DON'T

  • We DON'T require that a disclaimer be signed by a guest.
  • We DON'T charge an additional premium for most extensions under the buildings and contents section and that includes subsidence and landslip.
  • We DON'T require a survey on most premises before risk is accepted.
  • We DON'T lose our focus with lots of different products.
  • We DON'T have policy holders, we have ? Tourism Ambassadors?.
  • We DON'T have forcible and violent entry requirements for theft.
  • We DON'T have power surge equipment restrictions on lightning and power surge claims.
  • We DON'T reduce the insured's motor NCB or charge an excess if the motor accident/collision was not the insured's ¬†fault due to our NO BLAME BONUS. (excluding any vehicles over R500,000)
  • We DON'T charge for geyser cover if the buildings are insured with us.
  • WE DON'T limit the value of geysers.

Because We DO

  • We DO cover both the personal and business portions of the establishment without having to split the values.
  • We DO have liability limits of up to R100m written by major liability underwriters at Lloyd?s of London.
  • We DO provide premium discounts for any membership of accommodation associations in South Africa and for owners of 50 years of age.
  • We DO provide cover for TAX and CAP legal Costs up to R300,000 in defending the insured against matters arising from a Tax or CPA claim against the insures at a small additional premium.
  • We DO provide cover for Loss of Revenue following murder, rape, suicide or any attempt, loss of revenue following any violent event at a establishment,
  • loss of revenue following a cancellation of any event and loss of revenue following death, by any means, of a key member of the establishment and many other risks associated with a running B&B or Guesthouse.
  • We DO have a section that includes cover for certain electrical and plumbing problems, plus cover for appliance maintenance and auto assist and is automatically included.
  • We DO provide money cover for R7, 500 under the contents section and R5,000 under all risk section at no cost.
  • We DO automatically include guest?s effects cover up to limit R25, 000 under the Buildings and Contents section.
  • We DO automatically include Accidental Damage cover up to a limit of R20,000 under the Building and Contents section.
  • We DO automatically include Bilking cover up to a limit of R25, 000 per event in terms of the Contents section.
  • We DO automatically include Fidelity and Accounts Receivable cover up to R10,000

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