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Registered Medical Schemes

Are you looking for a Medical Aid/ Hospital Plan or think that you are paying too much for your current Medical Aid?

With about 49 medical schemes open to the South African public to choose from, it is not easy task.

We provide comparative quotes from the medical scheme with a our fully accredited consultant

Accredited medical scheme

  • Discovery Health
  • Resolution Health
  • Medihelp
  • Bestmed
  • FedHealth
  • GenHealth
  • Profmed


Consider the Following when deciding on a Medical Aid

  • Full Cover or Hospital Plan
  • Your health status
  • Available finance
  • Your medical aid’s payment record
  • Solvency ratio of your medical aid
  • Benefits provided by the medical scheme
  • Consultant with an independent broker
  • Exclusions
  • Check hospital limits
  • Check cover limits
  • Check HIV cover

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