Riskfin Digital Systems

The Riskfin Digital Systems (RDS) funeral policy administration software is well known in the industry across South Africa. All the parlors that use our software agree that they would not consider using another product. Our software empowers the client to manage their own data on a local database and not somewhere in the cloud. The funeral parlors have full control over their data, although using remote support software, the RDS staff are able to assist with a number of issues within minutes.

Riskfin Digital Systems

Ease of Use

Our Funeral Policy Administration

Software is designed with the end user in mind, we are told that our software is easy to learn and simple to use, yet it contains more functionality than most of our competitors.

Locally Installed Software

Our software is installed on your PC or server. Unlike other funeral policy administration software available today you are in control of your data therefore you are not dependent on the internet and a remote server that you do not have any control over.

Multi-User and Multi-Branch

We don’t limit the number of users that can work simultaneously on the system on different workstations on the network in your offices. Our software also enables you to link multiple branches with your head office.

Unlimited Data Storage

The only limit for the amount of data that our system can handle is the size of the hard drive of the PC which the database of the funeral policy administration software is installed.


Security is of utmost importance, this is why you, as the business owner, can set up each staff member with a unique user name and password and allocate specific permissions to the staff member’s user name and password. Without a username and password it is impossible for anyone to login to the software.

Audit Trail

The system automatically records all sensitive transactions for example: payment reversals, changes to the cover for a member and many more. You the business owner have access to the audit trail so that you can identify any suspicious activities. Each transaction that is recorded in the audit trail will provide the user’s name which processed the transaction as well as the date and time of the transaction and the type of transaction.

The user’s may also add notes to the audit trail for a specific member providing reasons for the transaction being processed.

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Unlimited Data Storage

Data Validation

The system has validation of certain of the data that is captured by the user for example: Identity Numbers are checked against a formula to ensure the validity of the identity number. In a similar way the bank account numbers are validated using the modulo 11 CDV check.

Endowment Policy

A built in SMS system affords the user the ability to send a SMS to a specific member. The user can also send bulk SMS’s to a group of members for example: members that are behind with the payment of premiums or members with their birthday in a specific month etc.

Our SMS system allows the recipient of the SMS to respond to the SMS sent to the member, our software will alert the users with a message that there are unread messages which the user should attend to.

A rich set of context related reports are available in our software. Our reports can be viewed on the screen, printed or exported to a file which can be imported into Microsoft Excel where the user can perform analyses of the data.

The backing up of the data in the database is a simple task. We also provide automated backing up of your data to an offsite location.